Doors are meant to provide access. At times, they are a point of weakness which needs to be reinforced to protect the home from criminals. Some doors are weaker than others. Ultimately, the decision to install a door of specific strength is dependent upon the type of danger the home owner wants to protect the home from. It is also important to note that sometimes a door of great strength may be rendered useless by improper installation. For more security , you can also buy this Outdoor Home Monitoring Camera or more on this page . The following are steps that should be taken when installing a security door.

Choose a door

The first step that a person must take while installing a door is to choose a door. This is done first by measuring a door frame. Although most doors are of standard sizes, it is always important to measure before buying. The measurements of the new door should match the new door leaving the way for opening and closing. The buyer must also decide on the make and color of door he or she wants. Security doors are strong but they can also be good looking.



  • Attach locks and hinges


Locks and hinges normally come as a package with the door. When a door has been bought, it should be installed with a lock. The process of installing a lock depends on the complexity of the lock. The hinges are also provided with the door. Sometimes the hinges may be welded into the door. Such doors tend to be stronger. If the hinges are not welded, then they should be secured to the door using screws. The three hinges should be attached at equal distances from each other. Once the locks and handles have been installed, the door is ready for the next step.


  • Position and secure the door


At this point, the hinges should be closed and the door positioned at the opening. Wedges should be placed at the around positioned above and below the door to ensure that the door stands at right angles horizontally on both sides. There should also be a space of 3mm all around to enable closing and opening. If the spaces are wider than 3mm they will allow drafts to come through. Once the door has been positioned appropriately, the hinges should be screwed in place. A test of the door should show it opening and closing smoothly.


  • Install a strike plate


This should be installed on the jamb to protect the lock. The plate should be made from strong metal such as steel with holes drilled on it at the position where locks go into the jamb. This ensures that the frame itself is protected from friction and the frame reinforced.



While security doors have their role to play on securing a home they cannot do everything by themselves. Strength of the material that makes the jamb and the entire house also comes into play. It is also important to have surveillance in place to ensure that the house is secure.